Have you met a Dallas star?

If you’re a diehard Dallas fan who’s had the luck of meeting one of your favorite Dallas stars in person, the Dallas Redone blog wants to share it with the world!

If you’ve met a Dallas star at a public appearance, know one personally or just ran into them somewhere and have a photo to prove it, send it to Dallas Redone and we’ll post it on Fan Faves for all the Dallas fans out there to enjoy.

As J.R.’s old lawyer Harv Smithfield might say, however, there are a few rules we have to adhere to:

  1. Fan Faves is not a contest and doesn’t offer prizes; Its sole purpose is to share fans’ fun photos with other fans and it is open to anyone of legal age who has met a Dallas star under positive circumstances.
  2. Professional photography is not eligible.
  3. All photos submitted must be provided by the person appearing in the photo with the Dallas star.
  4. All photos must be accompanied by a brief explanation/note describing the nature of the fan’s encounter with the Dallas star.
  5. Emails must include a scan of the person’s signature on the following disclaimer paragraph acknowledging that the photo is being submitted voluntarily without expectation of receiving monetary compensation…
  6. I hereby grant to the operator(s) of the Dallas Redone blog permission to publish the attached photograph of me on www.dallasredoneblog.wordpress.com  for an indefinite period of time without any consideration/compensation other than the opportunity to be featured on the blog.  I affirm that I am 18 years of age or older, I have the right to submit said photograph and that I am competent to sign this agreement on my own behalf. __________________________________________________________________________________________________(Signature and Printed Name)                                                                                        (Date)
  7. Emails must include the person’s full name, city and country and email address in case Dallas Redone needs to contact you.
  8. Photos and descriptions approved for posting will include the person’s full name unless otherwise requested in writing by the persons submitting the materials.
  9. Send emails to: Dallas_Redone@hotmail.com with the subject line: Fan Faves
  10. Dallas fans featured in Fan Faves may share links to Dallas Redone as they wish.

So now that you know the rules, what are you waiting for? Dazzle us with your big Dallas moment!