About Dallas Redone

Welcome to Dallas Redone, my blog about TNT’s new version of the classic oil-drillin’, back-stabbin’, bed-hoppin’ nighttime soap Dallas. I’m excited Dallas is returning January 28 with 15 new episodes and will be providing episode recaps along with my take on what’s going down at Southfork. Look for some observations and speculation along with some fun blasts from the pasts on Flashback Fridays. Things won’t be the same without old J.R. stirring things up on Southfork, but Larry is surely looking down on the gang and rooting for them as they carry on the Ewing legacy. Season 2 is shaping up to be a juicy one. Now that we know Rebecca is Cliff’s daughter will Christopher succeed in wresting their child away from her? Is evil Harris Ryland the new J.R.? Will Ann’s dark secret destroy her marriage to Bobby? Will Sue Ellen be elected Governor of Texas? Check back with the Dallas Redone blog often and find out!