April 7 Dallas Episode Recap: Like a Bad Penney

John Ross puts Bum on Candace's shapely tail to find out her reasons for pursuing him so ardently.

John Ross puts Bum on Candace’s shapely tail to find out her reasons for pursuing him so ardently.

Nicolas moves his plot against the Ewings a few paces ahead as luck drops a few advantages his way. However, a loose thread named Drew Ramos may cause a reversal of his fortune. Drew, feeling guilt-racked over his responsibility for the deaths of Christopher and Pamela’s twins, calls Elena to inform her he’s turning himself in. Although she assures him her plan with Nicolas for justice against the Ewings is making progress he hitchhikes his way back to Dallas where he confronts Christopher in a parking garage. Christopher promptly beats him to a pulp, stopping within an inch of killing him. Drew must live with his guilt, Chris vows. Christopher shows up at Heather’s place after his altercation with Drew. The pain of losing his babies is still very raw within him, he shares with her. Maybe fate brought them together, Heather suggests. Looking at little Michael, Chris seems to agree. Bo breaks the mood, as usual, by showing up drunk and Christopher drives him home. The next day, Bo is thankful for the ride home but doesn’t appreciate that Chris is stealing his life. Christopher warns him to clean up his act or losing everything will be his fault alone.

John Ross decides to recruit the support of Sheik Ali from Abu Dhabi with whom J.R. once did business to invest in the arctic lease deal. He flies to Las Vegas with Pamela by his side and gets a chilly reception from the sheik’s son, who tells John Ross he disrespected the sheik by waiting so long to reach out to him about the opportunity knowing full well about the sheik’s interest in arctic leases. Undeterred, John Ross and Pamela buy into the sheik’s private poker game using Pamela’s earrings as collateral. John Ross purposely loses, turning over his father’s precious watch to the sheik. His gambit pays off when Sheik Ali’s son tells him his honorable acceptance of his loss vindicated him in the sheik’s eyes and he’s agreed to invest in the arctic deal! Back in Dallas, things aren’t going so well for John Ross, however. Bobby and Ann get Sue Ellen freed from the sanitarium after promising to take responsibility for her recovery. The catch is that she’ll have to stay at Southfork for a while living under the same roof as the source of much of her stress. Awkward! John Ross fires Candace and puts Bum on her tail to find out why she was so hellbent on seducing him. Candace’s streak of bad luck continues when Harris fires her for failing to get John Ross’ “DNA” on the Lewinsky dress. Later, she’s confronted by a jealous Emma, who has seen Harris’ blackmail shots of John Ross’ fake dalliance with an underage hooker. After Candace turns over the dress, Emma decides that she can put that particular smoking gun to better use. Will she succeed where Candace failed?

Who will pay the price when Pamela sees the footage of John Ross' "oral report" to Emma?

Who will pay the price when Pamela sees the footage of John Ross’ “oral report” to Emma?

Drew finds evidence of J.R.’s swindle of the Ramos family in Elena’s files. She is unable to calm him down as he leaves her apartment, ranting that the time for justice can no longer wait. Elena tells Nicolas about the threat from Drew. She also shares with him the video of John Ross with Emma but says she can’t show it to Pam knowing the damage it will do to her. Nicolas has no problem with that, however, and arranges to have the footage emailed to him. He promptly texts it to Pamela, who is busy making passionate love to her husband. I wonder how passionate she will feel when she sees the whopper of a “sext” message Nicolas sent her way? Nicolas will have to wait to savor that victory. For now, he and Hunter McKay meet with the cartel to clue them in on their chance to buy up a majority of Ewing Global shares when the IPO goes through. Nicolas then suggests they find Drew Ramos. Will Drew end up being the cartel’s next victim?