March 10 Dallas Episode Recap: Playing Chicken


Emma shows John Ross what’s waiting for him just a few feet away.

Emma Bell has a field day vamping her way through a sexy episode of Dallas as a scantily clad Emma Ryland is hellbent on capsizing John Ross and Pamela’s marriage. While the Ewing lovebirds playfully make pancakes for breakfast, Emma distracts John Ross in a barely there red bathing suit that shows him just what’s waiting for him just a few feet away when Pam’s not looking. Sue Ellen, however, is watching closely and confesses to Ann her suspicions about Emma and John Ross. Realizing that Sue Ellen was right about her previous accusation about Emma’s drug use, Ann tells Harris about their daughter’s latest misadventures and he turns to Mother Ryland for help in reining her in. Not batting an eyelash, Judith is confident she can cook up a way to put the hunky Mr. Ewing in his place and seems hopeful that she can have some fun while doing it. John Ross is busy scheming as well. When Bobby tightens security at the ranch to protect Ann and Emma from the drug cartel, he is called to break up a brawl between John Ross and Bo McCabe, one of the ranch hands angered over John Ross’s plans to frack on Southfork. Later, John Ross summons Bo to Ewing Global, where he blackmails him into giving John Ross his support or else be revealed as the pusher who supplied drugs to Southfork princess Emma. Bobby one-ups his nephew, however, when he shows up at John Ross’ meeting with the ranch hands and introduces him to the Lesser Prairie Chicken, an endangered species living on the ranch that’s protected by the Sierra Club, which promises to tie up John Ross’ fracking plans in litigation for months. Score one for Uncle Bobby!

Sue Ellen's experience dealing with duplicitous tramps may help her save Pamela's marriage.

Sue Ellen’s experience dealing with duplicitous tramps may help her save Pamela’s marriage.

Down in Nuevo Laredo, Chris is shadowed by men in an SUV who pay a street child to steal his wallet. Chris takes time out of his detective work about Nicolas to confront his Uncle Cliff in jail for ordering the explosion that killed his unborn twins but an unrepentant Cliff maintains his innocence in J.R.’s murder. Later, Christopher’s quest for dirt on Nicolas hits pay dirt when a deli owner whom Nicolas cheated in business years ago turns over a file revealing that Mr. Trevino had no history before 1997. In Dallas, Nicolas and Elena advance their plan to prove the Ewings’ set-up of Cliff. Nicolas tracks down Rhonda Simmons, the woman who testified against Cliff, and offers her a bribe. When she agrees to a clandestine meeting later, the hopeful Nicolas is crestfallen when Bobby appears and deep-sixes any chance of Rhonda recanting her testimony. Nicolas pays Rhonda nevertheless. Elena also comes up dry in her assignment to find surveillance footage implicating the Ewings in the theft of Cliff’s gun from a Dallas shooting range. The Ewings seem to be staying one step ahead of them all the way, a frustrated Elena vents to Nicolas, who confesses his long-simmering desire for her. The two then share some horizontal comfort — sans clothing, of course. Emma’s been doffing her clothes all over the place as well. She interrupts an after-hours meeting between Bum and John Ross and flaunts her curvy form in a green bustier that she bought after her “friendly” shopping trip for lingerie with Pamela. She wants John Ross to remember how she looks in it. John Ross indeed experiences deja vu later when Pamela greets her husband after a long, hard day at the office wearing the same bustier! Emma’s gambit pays off as John Ross fails to “rise” to the occasion and leaves a frustrated Pam to ponder her predicament. Emma’s triumph may be short-lived, however, after a guilty Bum rushes to Sue Ellen and confesses he lied to her about not finding evidence of her son’s fling with the home-wrecking blonde. We all know how Sue Ellen feels about husband-stealing tramps. In Mexico, Christopher is taken by the men who were following him to meet a beautiful woman by the name of Lucia Trevino. She can answer all of Christopher’s questions about Nicolas. She’s his wife!