February 24 Dallas Season Premiere Recap: The Return

Nicolas Trevino is more than meets the eye!

Nicolas Trevino is more than meets the eye!

The Ewings return to Southfork fresh from their triumph over old Cliff Barnes and settle in to life without his interference… or so they think. Bobby promises his deceased relatives that he’ll carry the torch as the remaining family member of his generation. Little does he know he will have to deal with John Ross, who, newly empowered by Miss Ellie’s bequest of half of Southfork, is slipping further into J.R.’s boots, cutting a deal with Emma in a hotel room so he can use Ryland Transport assets to further his dealings at Ewing Global. In the lobby, his shadow Bum gives him J.R.’s belt buckle. He has certainly earned it. Back at Southfork, John Ross gives Pamela a romantic proposal under the stars. Mrs. Ewing happily agrees to renew their vows at a formal ceremony on the ranch. While John Ross and Pam luxuriate in their, ahem, happiness, Christopher and Elena are father apart then ever. A newly hirsute Chris works out his remaining anger over losing the twins while chopping wood, lumberjack style. He’s momentarily distracted when he comes upon an argument between one two ranch hands, one of them being a pretty woman named Heather (played by 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord). She assures Chris she can handle her bullying co-worker but there seems to be more to the story than she is revealing, for now. In Mexico, a vengeful Elena confirms Cliff’s story about J.R. swindling her father out of oil-rich land and accepts his offer to act as his proxy at Ewing Global.  She apologizes to the Ewing women for her brother Drew’s role in planting the bomb that killed Chris and Pamela’s unborn twins and tells Chris she plans to move off Southfork. When he insists she stay because it’s always been her home, a smirking Elena relishes how easily her plot against the Ewings is moving along. She informs her mother that Drew has decided to remain in Mexico with Joaquin. She later insinuates herself back into the Ewings’ business by offering her geological expertise in exchange for a job. A bespectacled Elena immediately proceeds to hack Ewing Global’s files. “I’m in,” she reports to her jailbird accomplice Cliff.

Will the Ewings discover there's a bespectacled traitor in their midst?

Will the Ewings discover there’s a bespectacled traitor in their midst?

Elena’s not the only scheming latin beauty the Ewings have to contend with. Nicolas Trevino, a young Mexican financier, barges into the Ewing Global conference room to announce that he’s arrived to serve as Cliff’s proxy. Citing some business mumbo jumbo about the Ewings not having a “super majority” to sell off Barnes Global assets, Nicolas settles in to protect Mr. Barnes’ interests as the Ewings balk. Back at the ranch, Pamela arrives in time to interrupt Emma’s latest illicit email to plan a hook-up with John Ross. The two commiserate over having fathers who are behind bars. Little does Pam know that she and Emma share more in common than jailbird daddies. Emma replaces her aborted email to Pamela’s husband with an even racier message. She wants to be bad! John Ross, needing Emma’s cooperation to move forward with buying some arctic leases that Elena confirms are oil-rich, is more than happy to be bad with his blonde neighbor across the hall. His mother catches him leaving Emma’s room after their liaison, however, and flashes back to J.R.’s old bed-hopping adventures. Sue Ellen senses trouble ahead. Trouble is brewing for Emma, too, after Harris is bailed out of jail by thugs from the Mexican cartel who threaten his golden-haired daughter if she continues to interfere with her dad’s work for them. Back in Mexico, Elena visits her mysterious relative Joaquin, who turns out to be “Nicolas Trevino.” Joaquin promises to work with her in secret as Nicolas until the Ewings have paid for destroying the life of Elena’s father.