90210 Star AnnaLynne McCord set to guest star on TNT’s Dallas in 2014

AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord

I don’t know about you, but I’m soooo going through Dallas withdrawal, folks. It’s been a busy summer for me, personally speaking, and the fall brought new career opportunities (new job! yay!) but I’m certainly not going to shirk my blogging responsibilities. Dallas won’t return until next year but I’m excited to report (a bit late, I admit) that the beautiful AnnaLynne McCord, whom I loved as spoiled rich girl Naomi on 90210, is set to have a multiple-episode run on the show next season. This is good news, indeed. As anyone who saw her breakout performance as Portia de Rossi’s dastardly daughter Eden on FX’s Nip/Tuck can attest, AnnaLynne can bring the bad girl. AnnaLynne will play Heather, a 20-something ranch hand with a troubled ex-husband and a 5-year-old son. Having grown up in a house with four brothers, Heather is quite capable of handling herself around the Southfork ranch hands, but when her ex-husband returns, bringing turmoil back into her life, Christopher steps in, helping Heather resolve the conflict, and the two become involved in a romantic relationship.

I don’t know whether Heather is destined to be a vixen or a heroine, but the writers would do well to dial up the sexy in her scenes. Dallas needs a new schemer in the vein of classic Dallas villainesses like Katherine Wentworth and Kristin Shepherd. Pamela Rebecca has gone soft and is moonie-eyed over new husband John Ross (wait until she finds out about his discreet encounters with pill-popping Emma), and Emma Bell, as frisky as she is in her scenes with Josh Henderson, just isn’t cutting it as a bad girl in my opinion. Nobody does the wicked raised eyebrow and sucked-in cheekbones stare-down better than AnnaLynne and I think she would kill it as a social-climbing bitch heating things up on Southfork. We all know a few guest appearances on Dallas can lead to great things. Let’s cross our fingers we’re set to meet the next great Dallas troublemaker.

In other Dallas news, the cast is busy shooting the third season and TNT confirms Judith Light will again appear as Harris Ryland’s disturbed mother Judith. I realize a lot of viewers were creeped out by her storyline but Judith is a brilliant actress and I’m looking forward to seeing her back for another round of intense performances. William Keck of TV Guide hinted at a possible return by Priscilla Presley as Bobby’s first love, the eternally frustrated Jenna Wade. That’s a fascinating possibility since she is mother to Bobby’s natural son Lucas and he definitely has to show up in the storyline. I’ll bet that, like Bobby in his younger years, he’s a hot-tempered hunk and I’d love to see him bump heads with Christopher. Maybe he gets involved with Pamela Rebecca while he’s in town. Seeing Priscilla back as Jenna is another story. Once one of the most beautiful women to grace the TV screen, her appearance these days is … distracting (Joan Van Ark, anyone?). Nevertheless, I’d love to see this story picked up and am happy to look the other way, quite literally, to see Jenna back in town. I am curious if she’s still married to Ray. He looks fat and happy in his cameo scenes so I guess somebody’s gotta be cooking him some delicious meals!  Stay tuned!