Monthly Archive: April, 2013

TNT Renews Dallas for a third season in 2014

    Well, I have to admit I had my doubts, but the powers-that-be at TNT are sticking with the Ewings and giving them another season to see who will “rise to supremacy.”… Continue reading

Dallas on TNT: My Second Season Critique

Now that Dallas has completed its second season and we fans are going through withdrawal it’s time to take a look at how the show stacks up to its maiden voyage last summer.… Continue reading

April 15 Dallas Season Finale Recap: “Guilt by Association” & “Legacies”

Dallas finally puts nagging questions from the past to rest and sets the stage for a new season of family strife during the two-hour season finale, which answered the question: Who Killed J.R.? The… Continue reading

What will happen on the April 15 Season finale of Dallas?

On April 15, Dallas closes out its second season with a two-hour finale comprised of two episodes – “Guilt By Association” and “Legacies” – and, hopefully, we fans will get satisfying answers to the… Continue reading

April 8 Dallas Episode Recap: “A Call to Arms” and “Love and Family”

History repeats itself as the Ewings race to stop Cliff Barnes and his cronies Harris and Governor McConaughey from lowering the boom on Ewing Energies on a twist-filled, two-hour episode of Dallas. The Governor… Continue reading

Flashback Friday: Sue Ellen’s Best-Tressed Moments

One of the things I love about the new season of Dallas is how Linda Gray is getting more screen time as Sue Ellen. I’ve always loved her. Anyone who’s seen her media interviews,… Continue reading

April 1 Dallas Episode Recap: “Let Me In”

The Ewings’ enemies move in for the kill on this tense episode of Dallas, which takes place three weeks after the tragic deaths of Christopher and Pamela’s twins. Chris and Pam separately deal… Continue reading