Dallas Star Spotlight: Emma Bell as Emma, good girl gone bad

Emma Bell as Emma

Emma Bell as Emma

Emma and John Ross get busy

Emma and John Ross get busy.

In the most recent episodes of Dallas, viewers have seen some of Emma Brown’s layers peeled back to reveal that she’s not the sheltered little girl she appeared to be when she resisted Ann’s attempts to make amends for the past. Initially portrayed as a prim daddy’s girl, we’ve seen that behind the peaches-and-cream complexion is a pill-popping sex kitten with a healthy appetite for sex who’s quickly making her way through the hunks on Southfork. Emma likes to play it both ways. With Drew Ramos she’s sweetness and light, stealing him away for an impromptu motorcycle ride in the middle of the day and propping up his ego when he’s feeling down. When it comes to John Ross, however, Emma flies her freak flag, sharing her anti-anxiety meds and shedding her panties at the earliest opportunity for a quick romp with Southfork’s resident bad boy. Is she naughty or nice? Most likely a combination of both considering the twisted upbringing she received from her evil father Harris and his nutso mother Judith. Scenes involving the Rylands reek of repression and forbidden desire, so it’s no surprise Emma grew up to be a bubbling cauldron of dysfunction waiting to erupt. In some ways she reminds me of the young Lucy Ewing on the original Dallas. Lucy was also a spoiled golden girl but unlike Emma, she didn’t bother with maintaining a goody goody image. Lucy was a curvy little bitch on wheels who was carrying on with randy Southfork foreman Ray Krebbs. Eventually she overcame her trauma from being abandoned by her parents Gary and Valene and blossomed into a responsible, if still feisty, adult. Time will tell which way Emma will turn as her storyline plays out. The actress portraying her, Emma Bell, is a bright new star whose role on Dallas is a showcase that expands on her work in the film “Final Destination 5” and the AMC series The Walking Dead. According to IMDB, Emma is a native of Flemington, NJ, and has show biz in her blood. Her mother was a producer for 60 Minutes and her father, who was a reporter, videographer and writer-producer for a news station in New Jersey, owns a video production company. She moved to New York City at 16 and attended the Performing Arts High School. Nylon Magazine recognized her potential and counted her among the 55 faces of the future in its Young Hollywood Issue. Click here to see behind-the-scenes footage of Emma in her last role as the ill-fated Amy on The Walking Dead.