The Morning After on Hulu gives Dallas newbies a video speed course on Dallas history

Are you a big fan of TNT's Dallas but not quite up to speed on the original show's rich history? Love the shenanigans of Pamela Rebecca but fuzzy on the background of her aunt Pam? Aside from reading the Flashback Friday posts here on Dallas Redone, Hulu's got a great way to play catch-up on your old-school Dallas trivia. The site's online series "The Morning After" marked the show's second season premiere with a fast-paced and hilarious recap of the show's entire 14-year run called Dallas Speedcap. "The Morning After" is a smart, pop culture "snack" to help get Hulu users quickly up to date on the latest and greatest in entertainment news and celebrity gossip.  Episodes run daily Monday through Friday on and Hulu Plus. Check it out and brush up on tantalizing tidbits such as who shot J.R., who shot Bobby, when Sue Ellen shot J.R. and on and on. It even mentions the TV reunion movies that TNT doesn't like to talk about.