New behind-the-scenes video from TNT shows the Dallas cast back in action filming season two!

Click on this picture to see behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of Dallas’ second season.

Howdy folks! Are you going through Dallas withdrawal the way I am? I hear ya! At least we have a juicy presidential election and the holidays to distract us. Nevertheless, a few nuggets have been emerging about what we can expect in the second season premiering January 28. TV Guide and TV Line have been busy this month announcing various additions to the cast, including “Who’s The Boss?” and “Ugly Betty” veteran Judith Light signing up for a recurring role and Ted Shackelford and Joan Van Ark set to reprise their Knots Landing characters Gary and Valene Ewing, the parents of Lucy Ewing. Expect to see Elena’s sexy brother to show up, as well as a blonde mystery woman rumored to be Ann’s estranged daughter, played by The Walking Dead star Emma Bell. I’ve seen conflicting rumors about Audrey Landers returning in some capacity as Afton Cooper but I don’t think it’s been confirmed by TNT yet. What I have seen is this great video showing the Dallas cast back at work on season two, which will give us five more episodes to munch on in the new year, regardless of who ends up working in the White House.