Fan Fave: Dallas residents share memories of Audrey Landers in the 1980s

Audrey Landers is pictured with (from left) Al Hill Jr., Carol Donnally and Don Donnally in a photo from 1985.

Dallas fans love their Afton! I’ve gotten great response from my recent interview with original Dallas star Audrey Landers, which I should point out ran before her recent chat with TV Guide. Not that I’m competitive, mind you (wink). There’s plenty of Audrey love to go around. Apparently our gal Afton has longtime friends in the Lone Star State, in Dallas specifically, of course.

I received a nice email from Dallas resident Vickie Dudley, whose boss Al Hill Jr. is friends with Audrey and was kind enough to share this great photo of himself with friends Don and Carol Donnally and Audrey during one of her trips to Dallas in the 1980s. With Al’s permission I am posting the photo as the first entry in a new feature I’m introducing called Fan Faves to celebrate Dallas fans who’ve met their favorite Dallas stars past and present.

Thanks to Vickie and Al for getting in touch and if YOU have met a Dallas star and have a photo to share, check out the Fan Faves page to learn how you can be featured on the Dallas Redone blog, too!

Here’s the scoop from Vickie:

Recently, your website regarding the television series Dallas came to my attention. The information that you provide is very informative and interesting.

You have recently brought up the possibility of Afton Cooper returning to the series and I hope that you have passed on to the producers and directors of the show that idea. As a matter of information, Audrey Landers starred in a movie produced in Dallas in 1985 entitled Getting Even. Edward Albert and Joe Don Baker were also in that feature film. Audrey still has many fans in Dallas as well as several very close personal friends who live in Dallas (picture attached).

Please keep the information coming and also try to disperse your information to as wide of an audience as possible.

Many thanks