Dallas Star Spotlight: Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing

When TNT’s new version, um, continuation, of Dallas debuted in June, I was pretty skeptical about how Brenda Strong would be welcomed by longtime Dallas fans as Bobby’s new wife Ann. Two months and a second season renewal later, I’m happy to say that Brenda has won me over. The Dallas producers wisely wrote in Ann as being married to Bobby for seven years when the show premiered so although she was a newbie to us fans, she was already entrenched as the matriarch as Southfork. When we were reunited with Bobby, who’s always had horrible luck with women, we found him to be at peace overseeing the Ewing land with a very compatible partner by his side. Then of course J.R. left the seniors home and the fun began all over again. Luckily for Bobby, he has a strong woman who’s got his back. Ann has many of  his mother Miss Ellie’s qualities. She loves the land and is quick to pick up a rifle at the first sign of trouble. Calling her Southfork’s answer to Annie Oakley wouldn’t be too far off the mark. But she’s far from a frump. Ann has a serene beauty and looks great in sophisticated fashions. I can see how she and the newly politically savvy Sue Ellen traveled in the same social circles, which led to her introduction to Bobby. Now I’m enjoying seeing some of Ann’s layers peeled back to reveal a deep secret and a complicated past with her bitter ex-husband Harris Ryland. The storyline is giving this talented actress some time away from her shotgun so she can show us why she was just nominated for an Emmy for outstanding voiceover performance for her final season as the narrator of Desperate Housewives, Mary Alice Young. I always loved how she sounded like a mom reading a fairy tale to her kids.


Born March 25, 1960 in Brightwood, OR

In a funny coincidence, she played a character named Sue Ellen who liked to wear her bra as if it were a top on Seinfeld in 1996.

Appeared in an episode of the original Dallas in 1987 credited as “Cliff’s One Night Stand.”

Here’s a link to some of Brenda’s best moments on Seinfeld