July 25 Dallas Episode Recap: No Good Deed

Christopher rose to the occasion and saved John Ross’ life.

July 25 – The Ewing family rallies around John Ross in his moment of need and boy, is he ever in need! An imprisoned John Ross admits to Sue Ellen he had a rebound fling with Marta and asks her to not tell Elena. He’s handling the situation, he says not very convincingly. Vicente Cano visits him in jail and threatens to doctor the footage Marta took of her confrontation with John Ross to incriminate John Ross even more. Taking matters into his own hands, Vicente visits Bobby and reveals that he has a lien on Southfork due to his dirty deal with J.R. Bobby, in turn, tells Vicente that his threats to take over Southfork are empty because Bobby controls the land’s mineral rights and promptly tosses him off the ranch. Vicente isn’t too pleased and arranges for a pair of prison thugs to beat John Ross within an inch of his life. The Dallas sheriff tells Bobby and Christopher that the evidence against John Ross is circumstantial but it still looks bad for him unless they can find a way to prove he did not literally push Marta over the edge. Chris takes the opportunity to ask the sheriff to look into Rebecca’s past, too. When the Ewings see the heartbreaking sight of a battered John Ross in the hospital, they hatch separate plans to get him out of his predicament. J.R. returns to Dallas upon hearing of John Ross’ attack and sadly looks on at the price his sleeping son has paid for his scheming. Bobby visits Miss Ellie’s grave and decides to drill on Southfork after all to protect her grandson. Christopher, however, has learned that his methane technology is a hot property after getting an offer from Exxon and makes the supreme sacrifice to save John Ross. It’s his turn to protect the Ewing family, he tells Bobby. Learning about the Marta video after visiting John Ross one on one, Christopher cuts a deal to sell Vicente the rights to his technology on the condition that the footage is returned to exonerate his cousin. Unaware of Christopher’s plan, a determined Sue Ellen compromises her values and pulls a J.R. by both bribing and blackmailing the medical examiner assigned to Marta’s case. If he doesn’t rule the death a suicide, she’ll reveal he’s been illegally prescribing medicine for phantom patients. If he cooperates, he’ll be chief medical examiner when she becomes governor of Texas. Christopher’s deal with Vicente gets John Ross sprung from jail but Sue Ellen isn’t happy to learn that her sacrifice was for nothing. The medical examiner is livid that he declared Marta’s death a suicide when she clearly had defensive wounds. He and Sue Ellen are now responsible for letting her true killers go free!

Are the happy times over for Rebecca?

John Ross is lovingly reunited with Elena and thanks John Ross for saving his butt. How long will the détente between the cousins last I wonder? In Rebecca Sutter news, Ann continues to be supportive of the guilt-ridden young woman and offers to help Tommy get a new job on a ranch in Oklahoma just to get him out of Becca’s hair. Tommy, however, has different plans. After Christopher reveals to Rebecca the sheriff’s investigation into her background came up clean, she swears to him she has no secrets left. Unfortunately, we soon learn the lovelorn Becca is a serial liar. Tommy’s still hacking Christopher’s emails and knows how the value of his methane technology has tripled after the Exxon pitch. He’s not leaving Dallas without a big pay-day. He means business and kisses Rebecca roughly on the mouth to prove his point! The whole brother-sister thing was just another lie.