July 11 Dallas Episode Recap: The Enemy of My Enemy

Is Marta Del Sol pulling a “Fatal Attraction” on John Ross?

July 11 – John Ross feels a noose tightening around his neck as people line up to pick a bone with him. The pressure’s enough to cast a pall over his loving night of reconciliation with Elena. Still, he decides to call Christopher’s bluff when his cousin threatens to expose the footage of his romp with Marta to the police. Arguing over Southfork yet again with Bobby, John Ross and his uncle discover that Ann’s ex-husband Harris Ryland has canceled his agreement with J.R. to transport the Southfork oil to paying customers. John Ross is happy to see how the news riles Bobby, but is less cocky when his shifty South American business partner Vicente Cano (Carlos Bernard) shows up to pressure him to get the oil moving off Southfork again. Vicente makes a not-so-subtle threat on his way out. A panicked John Ross pressures Sue Ellen into using her influence to bargain with Harris to honor his deal with J.R. When Marta shows up in a sexy dress offering to fund a getaway for them both, John Ross responds by tossing her out of his apartment. Marta is NOT amused! As predicted, Bobby doesn’t approve of how Christopher obtained John Ross’s sex tape with Marta and won’t stoop to blackmail to beat his nefarious nephew. A ray of hope comes in the unexpected hands of Rebecca, who found a document that may stop John Ross from drilling on Southfork after all. Although thankful for the help, Bobby and Christopher aren’t ready to trust her just yet. Don’t count Rebecca out of the picture completely since Elena finds her doubled over in pain outside the Ewing house. Could Becky be preggers? At the hospital, an apologetic Rebecca says Elena and Chris can now reconcile. Elena knows differently.

Will Rebecca save her marriage to Christopher after all?

John Ross and Elena arrive at her place to find the door ajar and a photo of their waterhose cavorting with a carving knife stuck in it. Shades of “Fatal Attraction!” John Ross assigns some ranch hands to watch over Elena’s home and sets out to Marta’s apartment to find that his wacko gal pal is AWOL! He puts J.R.’s private investigator on her tail. In Las Vegas, J.R. is trying to buy his way into a high-stakes poker game set up by his old sparring partner Cliff. He calls his pal Carlos Del Sol to borrow the $1 million he needs to get in Cliff’s game, convinced that old Barnes is still hatching a plot to get his hands on Southfork. As if things couldn’t get any worse for John Ross, Bobby and Christopher succeed in authenticating the document Rebecca found in Tommy’s ill-gotten files and now Bobby has control over the mineral rights to the land. He promptly shuts John Ross down, not knowing that the move will put his nephew in danger. At least Sue Ellen comes through for her son. Risking her political reputation, she offers Harris Ryland a power position in the Texas transportation commission in exchange for resuming his deal to transport the Southfork oil, but a wily Harris rejects it and instead writes her a big fat contribution that puts her firmly in his questionable pocket. Harris is busy making trouble for the Ewings as he sends Ann flowers with a note and a locket that reduces her to sobs. Clearly the locket represents something very painful for Ann. Could it belong to a dead child? Something very bad went down in the Ryland marriage and it left deep scars in both parties. Whatever his motive, Harris learns he should not mess with Bobby’s family when the enraged Ewing storms into his office and backhand slaps him in front of his employees. Something tells me things are gonna get mighty ugly in the coming weeks. Oh yeah, and about Rebecca being pregnant? Ding, ding, ding!