Dallas Star Spotlight: Jordana Brewster

Dallas star Jordana Brewster, who plays Elena Ramos, the ambitious, young oil entrepreneur torn between Christopher and John Ross Ewing, is a true international woman. Born in Panama City, Panama, she was raised in London and learned to speak fluent Portuguese when her parents moved back to their native Brazil. Luckily for American movie fans, Jordana eventually made her way to Hollywood.  Jordana brings to Dallas legions of fans who’ve followed her rising star from her days on the daytime soaps All My Children and As the World Turns to her breakthrough role as Mia, the sister of Vin Diesel’s character in “The Fast and The Furious” movies.


Jordana’s lookalike mother Maria on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1978.

She inherited her dark-haired beauty, which echoes that of fellow TNT star Angie Harmon and the young Ali MacGraw, from her mother Maria Joao, who was the cover model of the 1978 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

Was born on April 26, 1980

Is married to Andrew Form since 2007 (sorry, guys)

She tweets at @JordanaBrewster

Is popular for her sexy turn in the cult classic spy spoof D.E.B.S.

Jordana fans should check out the fan site Jordana-Brewster.net for all things Jordana.

For a look at the sexy side of Jordana, check out this YouTube video of her Maxim photo shoot to promote “Fast Five” last year. She’s caliente!