June 20 Dallas Episode Recap: The Price You Pay

The Ewing romantic quadrangle is getting mighty complicated!

June 20 – JR is still stinging from finding out that John Ross set him up with a fake Marta Del Sol and puts a small scare into his son while the two are getting old-style shaves. When John Ross admits to trying to swindle his old pop out of $2 billion of oil JR can’t help but be proud of his son, who’s showing he’s like his dad more and more every day. Nevertheless, JR muscles his way into John Ross and “Marta’s” deal with some scary South American backers and doesn’t bat an eyelash while he renegotiates to sweeten the deal for himself despite the backers’ not-so-subtle threats. Fake Marta isn’t too pleased with JR’s maneuverings and he puts her in her place. Don’t cross old JR, he says, and her response is to pop some pills. A guilty JR decides he needs to regain control of Southfork to do right by his son and enlists a fellow nursing home resident to pose as his physician on a call to Bobby to lobby for JR’s return home to accelerate his recovery. When JR arrives at the ranch he interrupts a meeting between Bobby and his old nemesis Cliff Barnes (Ken Kerchevel), who wants to buy Southfork. The two longtime enemies trade barbs just like the old days but the effect is more comical coming from two crusty coots. Cliff next summons Christopher and Rebecca to his home after not seeing his nephew for five years. Christopher doesn’t warm to his uncle and refuses his offer to invest $1 million in his methane project. He suspects Cliff is just out to one-up the Ewings again rather than genuinely wanting to help family. Cliff tells Chris he’ll never be one of the Ewings and warns him to not let them destroy him like they did to his mother Pam. Interestingly, Cliff doesn’t react to the coincidence of his niece-in-law sharing his daughter’s name. Cliff still has poor family relations skills after all these years.

Young Christopher Ewing is fighting to gain respect as an adult.


Bobby has a procedure to remove his tumor and is placed on new meds that may provoke heart failure. Ann steels herself for the uncertainty of his recovery. The new Mrs. Bobby Ewing continues to show her fondness for rifles, teaching new Ewing wife Rebecca to shoot. Rebecca would rather bond over baking. Tommy arrives on the scene and when Ann departs he gives his sister a device that will give him access to the information on Christopher’s laptop so they can advance their secret plans for the Ewings. Rebecca, who seems to be genuinely in love with her studly husband, is dragging her heels on her part of the scheme. Does she like being a Ewing too much for her own good? Ann next turns a rifle on JR, who’s going through some mementos in a Ewing archive. He shows her Miss Ellie’s journal and suggests to Ann that Southfork should be sold for all the trouble it’s caused. Ann reminds him that he was the true reason for those troubles, not the land. You can’t keep a good rattlesnake down, however, so JR and John Ross stage a fight in front of Bobby and Ann in which John Ross threatens to again challenge Miss Ellie’s will by using her journal entries as evidence that she was mentally unfit. JR acts indignant and slaps his son for good measure. Bobby decides to sell Southfork after all and Christopher is mortified that his dad gave up on Southfork because he thought Christopher could not stand up to John Ross. Chris tells his dad he’s always treated him like a child, so Bobby reveals his cancer battle, only to hurt his son even more by shielding him from the news for so long. It’s time for Bobby to treat Christopher like a man! Elena, who is conveniently on the scene after Christopher’s outburst, consoles her distraught ex and the two melt into a kiss, which is of course caught on cellphone camera by Tommy for his sister’s viewing pleasure. When Christopher apologizes to Rebecca for being so distracted by his project — and Elena — Rebecca tosses the data-hacking flashdrive. How will Tommy react to his sister’s betrayal? JR and John Ross’s celebration in the wake of Southfork’s sale is cut short when greedy lawyer Mitch Labelle ups his hush-money asking price to $5 million. John Ross checks in with his private investigator on the witness to the hit-and-run Mitch’s son was responsible for with no luck. The private eye reveals, however, that the person who sent Elena the email that broke up her relationship with Christopher was Rebecca! Sounds like something Katherine Wentworth would have done.