YouTube Video Revisits the History of Dallas before the June 13 Premiere

One day left until the new Dallas premieres on TNT! The cast have been making a rash of media appearances both nationally and regionally, documenting their every move on Twitter. It almost feels like Dallas Week. Are you new to the whole Dallas thing and curious about what all the fuss is about? Maybe you’re a longtime fan who needs a quick refresher? Well, this video posted to YouTube by TNT does a nice job of catching anyone up with the rich history of the oil-wealthy Ewing family and their long-running feud with the Barnes clan. Central to the dynamics is the love-hate relationship between scheming JR and his saintly baby brother Bobby. Raised to be an Alpha male by his daddy Jock (the late Jim Davis), JR won’t settle for being anything less than top dog at Ewing Oil and Southfork. Bobby’s morals slow him down when it comes to competing with wiley JR, but he’s no pushover. Cross him and he’ll knock you on your butt. Bobby’s a brawler like his father Jock and his stepfather Clayton Farlow (played by the amazing Howard Keel), they were men of action who never hesitated to take a disagreement outside for resolution, old-school style. Along with the corporate intrigue and cowboy action, Dallas has a strong sense of family, which is reflected in the history of JR and Sue Ellen’s VERY complex relationship, which made John Ross the explosive young man he is today. Dealing with his own family issues is Christopher, who has to fight for respect as a Ewing given his complicated heritage as the adopted son of Bobby and the presumed-dead Pam. Christopher’s birth parents are Sue Ellen’s scheming sister, the late Kristin Shepherd, and a shady character named Jeff Faraday. Might this kid have abandonment issues or what? His fiancee Rebecca Sutter has her own parental mystery going on as fans wonder if she’s really Pamela Rebecca Cooper, Cliff Barnes’s daughter by Afton Cooper or, even more intriguingly, Katherine Wentworth’s daughter named for her mother Rebecca! Strap yourselves in, folks, and tune in tomorrow for Chapter II of the Ewing saga.