TNT’s Dallas stars appear on the cover of next week’s TV Guide.

TV Guide got a behind-the-scenes preview of the action during filming at the Southfork set in Dallas and got some scoop that’s a must-read. The June 11-17 issue, which features two collectible covers, reveals that Larry Hagman, the MVP in the Dallas universe, proved to be a tough negotiator before he agreed to return to his iconic role of JR Ewing. Charlene Tilton and Steve Kanaly will reprise their roles of Lucy Ewing and Ray Krebbs, but Lucy’s dad Gary Ewing from Knots Landing won’t be showing up since Ted Shackelford passed on the small role the producers offered him. He’s been on daytime TV lately so he’s probably used to more camera time. Gary always got the short shrift anyway in comparison to JR and Bobby. The TV Guide article is remarkably frank, quoting Linda Gray on the fact that Victoria Principal was never very close to the rest of the Dallas cast. This is something that has followed Victoria for years and save for her participation in the CBS reunion show a few years back, it would appear to be true. Pam Ewing fans are ardently campaigning on Facebook for Victoria to return to her famous role but they had better not hold their breath. We may need to put “Bobby and Pam” to rest and give Brenda Strong a fair chance to win us over as Bobby’s new wife, Ann.