TNT’s new Dallas cast unveils JetBlue’s five-acre “green” portrait of Larry Hagman and Patrick Duffy at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport

Now this is a clever idea. Longtime Dallas fans remember that the stirring beats of the the show’s theme song reached a crescendo with the appearance of the iconic Dallas logo on screen and it seems this moment may have inspired a unique promotion between TNT and JetBlue to welcome the long-awaited premiere of the new Dallas on June 13. Here’s video of the stars of the show, who were on hand at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport to unveil a huge rendering of Ewing brothers JR and Bobby created by Stan Herd, an environmental artist known for his work using sustainable materials. The installation, which includes the TNT and JetBlue logos, will be visible to passengers on JetBlue flights arriving and departing Dallas-Fort Worth Airport through July 31. Herd created the Ewing Brothers portrait over a three-week period by digging, disking, plowing and otherwise manipulating greenspace, resulting in a piece of art made from environmentally sustainable materials. In total, he used 20 tons of mulch in five different colors, 10 tons of sand, 6 tons of rock, 1 truckload of prairie hay, crushed limestone, alfalfa hay, dirt, top soil, brick crushed pecan shells, grass cuttings, 1000 blue flags representing the JetBlue logo. Perhaps the airline should pipe in the theme song as the flights land, too.